Friday, January 26, 2007

Christine's Story...

Oh, my goodness am I thankful! I met a woman while Zoe was in the Intensive Care Nursery at Wake Med Hospital in Raleigh, NC... what a phenomenal hospital, by the way! Anyway. I meet this woman named Christine. She was originally pregnant with triplets, but went into labor and had her babies when she was only 23 weeks pregnant! Sadly, 2 of her babies passed away. Sophia survived. Though Sophia was only given a 15-20% chance of survival, Christine and her husband, Rob stayed amazingly strong through it all! I remember several times watching Christine with Sophia, and I could tell what an amazing person she was/is! I am not quite sure how she pressed on, but she did. I know that Sophia's fighting kept her going every day.
Despite odds against her, Sophia has made it through everything, and is now HOME!!! Christine's due date was only a few days before mine... December 23rd. Sophia is now home, and has been for 1 week exactly! Way to go Sophia! Please read more written by Christine...

We are finally home after 146 days - it feels really good! Just now learning to live on little sleep.
Sophia - Five months and one day old

5lbs 11oz

After being born at 23 weeks & 0 days we proud to say that we got the word. "Our little miracle" will be home by the end of the week. After two hospitals, five major surgeries( two eye surgeries), three minor surgeries, too many blood transfusions, countless needles & IV's our little girl is coming home. She was born into a shell of a baby & right before my eyes as turn into a beautiful baby girl. I have watched this little girl fight so hard for life - just to be here for her Mom & Dad. She doesn't even know how good this world can, but yet she wants to be apart of it. What a zest for life!!!!

The past couple of months Rob & I lives have changed, but for the better. We have seen the circle of life & now know the meaning. We have witness a true miracle & have been apart of it. The day after Sophia was born we were told that she had about a 15-20% chance of living. She would more than likely come home on oxygen & with a feeding time. Well, she is coming home with nothing. We are still praying for the best with her little eyes. Only time will tell.

Through this experience we have meet a wonderful group of people at Wake Med & UNC Hospital. Without the care of this staff Rob & I know that we would not have our daughter. The life of a NICU baby is a life we know nothing about. It's like another world. The pain & suffering that this babies go through. This nurses have become my good friends & I'll never forget the unbelievable care they have shown my daughter. Also, to all the new Moms that I meet along the way thank you, for making each day a little easier. This is amazing group of woman that love there babies. It always helped seeing all of you everyday & knowing what each one of was feeling. We are the last to go home from our group, but will always have a connection.

Rob & I are very proud of the fight that Sophia has done & we know that Robert & Natalie are watching over her. I'm never going to know why all of this had to happen. I'm not sure there is a reason why. I just know my Pop is up there taking good care of them & teaching them a love of the water.

I would like to thank everyone for there support & prays over the past couple of months. We are very lucky to have all of you as friends & family. Can't wait to introduce you to her little girl. This journey(nightmare) is coming to an end & I'm ready to start the next journey as a Mom to my little Peanut.

Rob & Christy

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