Friday, January 26, 2007

Intensive Care Nursery

Nobody can understand the life of an ICN parent unless you have lived through it. All of us always told each other as we sat rocking our babies that "we would never wish this one anyone", but let me just tell you... every one of those babies in the ICN are miracles!! While in the ICN I learned so much about babies, and what they go through, and what they need. It was definitely an amazing experience. You form such a tight bond with your nurses! They are there while you're laughing or crying. Through your happiness and your sadness. Those nurses are the core to that ICN. If it weren't for them, it wouldn't be the same. Taking that walk to the ICN for the first time was so very scary! Seeing your baby, whom was just in your stomach kicking and thriving is now hooked up to ventilators, nasal cannulas, IV bags, feeding tubes, pulse ox machines, heart monitors, and sometimes there are more tubes than that! See other women's babies suffering, or seeing the babies that weigh just over a pound is very heart wrenching! I can say one thing, though... you form such a bond with the woman in that place! They understand your feelings. They know exactly what you are going through. They are going through it themselves after all. Having that bond with those mothers helps you get through it! I can say this, having a baby in the ICN definitely makes you a much stronger person, and a much educated mother! Having Zoe in the ICN for a mere 5 weeks had made me appreciate life. Appreciate the kiddos I have. Appreciate the fighter that Zoe was/is. Appreciate woman like Christine who had to endure the back and forth trips to the ICN a lot longer than most woman in there! Please read Christine's story...

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