Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Random post Tuesday...

$250,000... is it worth it?

So, this house is for sale in my neighborhood... here is the rundown...

2000 sq. ft.
3 bed 2 1/4 bath
.80 acres
open kitchen... although not very big
2 car garage
in nice neighborhood

Do you all think this is worth it? Not too sure myself. Maybe being fresh from California I thought it was a good deal, but living in North Carolina for almost 2 years has kind of ruined me. I appreciated what you got for the price when Mike and I first came out here looking for houses... not so sure anymore, though. I guess you could say I have been North Carolina Home Price Desensitized. Now, I know in California, New York or New Jersey, this house would for a million bucks... but not here. ha ha!
However, on another note... take a look what you can get for a million dollars here!

This house isn't even going for a million...

6 Bed, 9 Bath
8,064 Sq. Ft.
1.23 Acres


Anyway, just wanted to start posting random things on Tuesdays... so this is a start. Tell me what you think... click the comment button. ;o)

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