Friday, February 9, 2007

Here are my Cupcakes!

So, I posted a couple of weeks ago about making cupcakes. I made these a couple of weeks ago, and took pictures of them like I told everyone that I would... I am just now remembering to post about them! :)

These are Chai Tea Cupcakes, and man were they good!!! :) Since I am watching what I am eating or as many of you call it... dieting, I only had half of one. I gave some to my friends, and yes, one of those people was my friend Amy, who told me that they tasted "awesome"! Yay!

The rest I took to the hospital and gave then to the Intensive Care Nursery Nurses as a thank you... well, I also donated all of Zoe's preemie clothes to them as they are in need of clothes for the babies as they progress and get out of the very intensive care part of the nursery. :)

So, these are my first batch, and they tasted great!! :)


Jenny Moore said...

omg shea. those cupcakes look and sound devine! i must have the recipe! where'd you find it?

The Benners said...

Ha ha ha! I LOVE Chai Tea, so I thought... how could I go wrong with a chai tea cupcake? :) Mike is anti junk food right now, so he didn't try them. :P But my other friends did. ha ha! I will email you the recipe.