Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alone on the Weekend...

Zoe says hello! :)
Zoe has the good life in the King Size bed. ha ha!
Oh! My life is so rough!

My husband had to go to California on an emergency business trip. He left yesterday and won't be back until Tuesday morning!! That is if all goes well... Ugh!

So, here I am alone with the kiddies on the weekend... so far we have proven to be pretty lazy. I plan on heading out to Target in a little while to get a couple of things. Just being alone on the weekend without my hubby is such a bummer!! But, he'll be back in a couple of days. My mom lets me borrow her dog to keep us company while Mike is gone. I like having a dog in the house again... even if it is only while Mike is gone. :)

So, I did take some pictures of my girls a few minutes ago... Zoe in mommy and daddy's big 'ole bed. And Zoe and Angelina hanging out together. I took your idea to write my husband a message and email it to him, Suzanne. Cute idea! :)

More Later.


Aron & Suz said...

Hehe, cute shots! And i'm sure Mike could feel the love coming through the pictures. :)

Zoe waving--how great is she?

Enjoy your time alone with the kiddos. Sorry you have to be alone again, but you seem like an old pro. BTW--sorry I haven't responded to your myspace message from last week; i've had friends in town and they just left today. So, I'll write back very soon.

xoxo suz

heather said...

hey shealynn. do your parents live by you now too?

The Benners said...

Hey Heather,

Yes, my parents live here too. They moved out here about 6 1/2 months after we did. And yes, they moved here to be close to us, which I was REALLY excited about! And still love that they are only 40 minutes away. :)